‘Illegal govt’s budget unacceptable to people’

Tough time is ahead. Everyone has to be ready for sacrifice, says BNP chairperson adviser

Branding the Awami League government illegal, BNP chairperson adviser Amir Khoshru Mahmud Chowdhury has said it’s budget proposal will not be accepted by the people.

He made the statement while addressing a discussion at National Press Club in the capital on Friday.

“The government has assumed the office illegally. They placed a so-called budget in the parliament. We are rejecting the illegal budget,” Khosru said.

The BNP leader said people have no confidence in the government and people’s support for the government has been decreasing every day.

The former minister called upon the party leaders and activists to get prepared to wage movement to oust the government from the office.

“Tough time is ahead. Everyone has to be ready for sacrifice. We have to give up the thought that someone will save us or who has been elected in India,” he added.

Criticising the outgoing Indian Congress Government for supporting the Awami League government, Khoshru said a democratic country like India could not adopt such strategy.

“A section of Congress supported an unelected government in Bangladesh. A democratic country like India’s cannot take such policy for its neighbouring country,” he said.

Source: Dhaka Tribune


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