Govt must not invite clash and turmoil

Notwithstanding a so-called loyal pro-government opposition comprising the farcically elected MPs of the Jatiya Party (JP), [simultaneously some of whom, absurdly and ridiculously, hold ministerial positions in Sheikh Hasina’s cabinet] headed by the quasi-clownish, erratic, capricious and unpredictable former military dictator who had usurped power by overthrowing the democratically elected popular BNP government of Justice Abdus Sattar, the fact remains that, for all practical purposes the country’s de facto opposition political party, BNP, and its cohorts with a jumbo-sized following—-at least 80 per cent of the populace, if not more, support it—-can rightly claim to have more former front-line freedom fighters, technocrats, veteran civil and military bureaucrats in its upper echelons as advisers and vice-chairmen. It needs no elaboration that despite awe-inspiring support of the masses the BNP is yet to organise its structures in different tiers with bold active young men. It must feel the pulse of today’s young generation who literally abhor crime, scam and amoral activities. 
Typical phrasing and choice of words of Awami League (AL) chief and PM Hasina verge on impropriety which is most unbecoming of even an average politician whatsoever. Diametrically contrary to her late lamented father Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, who was polite in his speeches and rarely crossed the limits of decency, Sheikh Hasina has not inherited her father’s virtue because her unethical actions and utterances—-sometimes distorted facts and untruths—-are never free from vitriolic diatribes, impetuously crude insinuations and venomous tirades without rhyme or reason agaist the main opposition BNP chief Khaleda Zia [for example the highly audacious and most despicable remark “Aap apki peyara Pakistan mei chale jaiye” (you better go to your beloved Pakistan)].  Not to speak of Khaleda Zia who was elected Prime Minister three times, no citizen of this country can be asked to do so; it is preposterous. Such badmouthing perfectly suits the coarse and vulgar taste, barring a few, of some of her cabinet colleagues and senior AL uncouth leaders some among whom have questionable antecedents, as repotted in the media.
Polite but imprudent policy of Khaleda who unfortunately leads a group of geriatric gentlemen who, it seems, are just powerless and have no say—-exactly like the AL where there is no scope of healthy debate or discourse leading to logical conclusion. Hasina is seen as Awami League and government—-two in one. Khaleda is BNP, but with added burden of her convalescing son on Albion’s shore, Tarique Rahman, who sermonises from time to time without direct knowledge of the complex situation obtaining in the country, while the Dhaka city unit is still in disarray. 
Over a month ago the BNP announced that it would launch its democratic programmes of agitation which is a constitutional right. But PM herself has asserted that her party would foil it, obviously by applying force. In the past the ruling AL chose all obnoxious measures for three-four days to obstruct mass participation in the opposition BNP’s public rally called Dhaka Cholo (march towards Dhaka) which was a grand success despite the government’s concerted effort at putting off all motorised vehicles in the capital city. The government created a frightening situation and the ruling party let loose its goons upon ordinary citizens on suspicion that they might attend the opposition rally. Besides, the government took recourse to the most oppressive measure to prevent the opposition from holding a public rally.  
Arguably a most accomplished personality viewed from any angle, acting Secretary General (SG) Mirza Fakhrul has not yet qualified to be the party’s full SG after three years of dedicated service including incarceration by Hasina’s government. Alamgir’s motorcade came under a violent attack by an armed mob in Laxmipur on 2 August 2011 as it was approaching the main town where he was to attend a party meeting. Alamgir rose through the ranks of EPSU and, at the height of the 1969 uprising against the Ayub Khan administration, he was elected as the organization’s Dhaka University president. He taught at government colleges. A former member of the parliament from Thakurgaon-1 constituency from 2001 to 2006, he worked as the Minister of State. It is a big question begging for an answer as to how long it will take to be a full SG.          
The BNP has declared that it would launch peaceful movement demanding free, fair and credible election in a little while; and certainly any party, let alone the BNP which has ruled Bangladesh four times since 1978, has the legitimate right to do so in a democracy. But PM Hasina has threatened that her party would confront it. On July 26 she said BNP’s movement would be thwarted. This is not at all acceptable in a democratic country. Well, yes, the all-powerful Hasina can do anything because she is both Defence and Home Minister. She can deploy all disciplined forces and law enforcing agencies to stop even peaceful rallies as her government did during the last five years. Consequently there will be clash and turmoil.  To avoid bloodshed she must not make any attempt to “thwart” democratic movement and activities. If she chooses collision course then the consequence could be disastrous.

Source: Weekly Holiday


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