Ershad urges all to get united for protecting Islam

Jhalakati, Mar 9 (UNB) – Jatiya Party chairman and former president HM Ershad on Saturday urged the people of the country to get united with a view to protect Islam.

News - Ershad urges all to get united for protecting IslamErshad expressed his disappointment over the recent killings in police firing and said that he has been maintaining link with Olama Masayek and trying to garner their support with a view to save Islam.

The former autocratic ruler said this while addressing a view exchange meeting in the district’s SS Kamil Madrasah while he went there to offer ziarat at the mazar of Hazrat Quaed Saheb.

Bangladesh Hizbullah Jamiatul Muslehin placed some proposals in the meeting where Ershad supported their proposals.

Jatiya Party secretary general Hawlader Ruhul Amin, joint secretary general Rezaul Islam Bhuiyan were also present.

Source: UNBConnect


  1. Fraud Ershad is in action again. True Muslims should have a stone throwing ceremony on him. He lost his charm with her sister Hasina.

  2. The govt has mixed up Islam with idolatry. Example: In ‘Islam o Noitik Shiksha’ (taxt book on religion for classes IX & X), while giving example of ‘halaal’ & ‘haraam’ the book says that animal slaughtered invoking the name of god or goddess or Allah is ‘halaal’ (Nauzubillah min zalik) i,e, gods and goddesses stand parallel to Allah (swt) which this is clear ‘shirk’. The Holy Qur’an says that animals slaughtered by invoking the holy name of Allah alone is halaal, How do gods & goddesses come in this? Is this an example of secularism? Most sadly, the book has been written and edited by all those Muslims by name who hardly knows what Islam really is; because if they did, they would know that ‘shirk’ is the gravest sin absolutely unpardonable. Ascribing partner unto Allah, how do the writers, the willful sinners, can claim to be Muslims? And Mr. Ershad, a close ally of this present govt, calls for unity to save (?) Islam. What a pathetic joke! Mr. Ershad, examine the above mentioned book first and then call to save Islam or you will also be among those who, Allah Almighty says, have gone astray.


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