End mob culture

Violent responses only endanger the lives of innocents and add to the cost of life and property

Street violence and mob protests should have no place in our society.

Unfortunately they are not only regular occurrences, but frequently involve students and political parties who should know better.

We condemn in the strongest terms the violent protests and vandalism that hundreds of students reportedly engaged in on Sunday. After a young man lost his life, being run over by a speeding microbus, there was an understandable amount of anger by his fellow students.

However, to protest his death by engaging in street violence, vandalising vehicles, and terrifying the public is outrageous behaviour. Such violent responses are inexcusable as they only endanger the lives of innocents and add to the cost of life and property.

We have an unfortunate habit of engaging in mob violence, rather than seeking more peaceful means to end disputes. A week ago, due to a disagreement between DU students and Nilkhet book traders, several students set alight a number of book stalls.

Last February, BUET students took to the streets in protest when a classmate was run over by a bus. And in November last year, Rajshahi University students vandalised vehicles when an auto-rickshaw ran over a fellow classmate.

Street violence causes nothing but harm. A mob mentality and ensuing mob action only perpetuates the culture of violence and puts innocents at risk.

Source: Dhaka Tribune


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