Co-operation the right way to tackle terror threats


We are encouraged by Tuesday’s meeting between the government and ambassadors from 45 nations to discuss the steps being taken to ensure the safety of all foreigners in Bangladesh.

It is an important move forward in building international co-operation to help Bangladesh tackle threats posed by international terrorism.

Such dialogue is vital to prevent misunderstandings and to reiterate the common interest all countries share in combating and resisting violent extremism.

It is heartening that as dean of the Diplomatic Corps in Bangladesh, the UK high commissioner thanked the Bangladesh government for the additional security measures it was undertaking in response to the murders of Hoshi Kunio  and Cesare Tavella.

The foreign minister also expressed broad satisfaction with the meeting which included discussions with the home minister and security officials on the safety measures being implemented by the government,

We are grateful for the support expressed in a related briefing by the US ambassador, to the Bangladesh government’s zero tolerance stance to terrorism. It is welcome that she has clarified that the US government’s travel advisory  “does not say ‘Do not come to Bangladesh.’ Nor does it say ‘Leave Bangladesh.’” but is only intended to share information to ask citizens to exercise caution.

A calm approach to taking common-sense security precautions and sharing information on terror threats is imperative to reassure all people living in or visiting Bangladesh that everything possible is being done to catch and prevent the perpetrators of terrorist actions.

Bangladesh and the international community have a shared interest in resisting threats to public confidence and stability.

Continued co-operation and dialogue is helpful to boost public confidence and to show that no nation has to stand alone in facing terror threats.

Source: Dhaka Tribune


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