Civil society members demand ban on Jamaat-Shibir

Civil society members at a grand rally here on Saturday demanded a ban on Jamaat-Shibir politics as they are acting like anti-liberation forces as they did in 1971.
The grand rally was held at Bangabandhu International Conference Centre in the city.
They also demanded the government bring out a whitepaper on the destructive activities of the Jamaat and its students wing Islami Chhatra Shibir, and find out the sources of their funding considering its recent violent attacks on different Hindu temples, houses and killing people, including policemen.
A national committee will soon be formed to give the movement stronger shape to push for their demand for banning Jamaat.
Dr Anisuzzaman, Dr Akbar Ali Khan,  Amirul Islam, Qazi Kholiquzzaman,  Jahangirnagar University VC Dr Anwar Hossain, Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB) Chairman Sultana Kamal, Supreme Court lawyer Shahdeen Malik, Bodiul Alam Mazumdar, Amin Ahmed Chowdhury, economist MM Akash, Aly Zaker, Khushi Kabir, Nasir Uddin Yusuf, and Mita Haque, among others, spoke on the occasion.
The country’s senior citizens, educationists, journalists, litterateurs and human rights activists took part in the conference
Source: UNBConnect


  1. I wish our “civil society” members were as demanding as this (ban on Jamaat-Shibir) on some of the other evils of our society ie. corruption at its worse, murder of innocent people by the govt. security forces, Sagar-Rumi murder’ Bishawajit murder, total lack of security in the country at this time, Padma bridge corruption etc etc etc etc.. The question is why are they not as demanding on these issues?

  2. Bangladesh’s civil society at least those that are mentioned above ought to be the only group of intellectuals and academics in the world that also advocate capital punishment. Their credibility. Not much of a civil society as we think civil society should be.

  3. This people should be doing something that will help the general mass. They are paid servants of the people and should behave accordingly. People will make their decision. They had enough of the garbage imposed by people of this group as well as Awami League.

  4. Many of those in the photo above are ‘willful sinners’. They demand ban on religion-based parties like Jamaat-e-Islami and while doing so they draw reference of Germany’s Nazi party. But they never say that Germany has been united demolishing the infamous Berlin Wall after decades of enmity and hatred. Besides, Germany has never been ‘successful’ in putting her name at the top of the most corrupt nations. Germany rose from the ashes of WWII like phoenix and is the number one economic power among EU nations. But what about Bangladesh? What is the achievement of the leaders, especially Bangabandhu, in the post-independence? Why did he have to lament for his ‘piece of rag’; ‘others leaders got gold mines and I got a mine of thieves’? By the way, I would like to quote M.K.Gandhi, who is regarded as ‘Mahatma’ and adored like a god by most of the secularists like those in the above photo. He said, ‘Those who say religion has no relation with politics, do not at all know what religion actually is.’ By denying the role of religion what they want are telling lies, swindling people, breaking promises, misappropriating public money and trust, depriving others of their due rights, creating division and confusion among common people and so on which are all negated in almost all the religions.


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