Blood crisis keeps patients in a fix in Khulna


Acute crisis of pure blood keeps critical patients in the district’s hospitals in a complete quandary when its need arises.


The patients feel the pinch of its shortage sharply especially because they have to depend only on the blood transfusion sections of Khulna Medical College Hospital (KMCH) and Khulna General Hospital.


Although Sahheed Sheikh Abu Naser Specialised Hospital has got the approval to open a blood transfusion section, they are yet to start its operation.


Besides, a number of organisations are working with blood but they have no scope of preserving blood.


Sources at the KMCH blood transfusion section said they collect and distribute around 60 bags of blood on an average daily while Khulna General Hospital 15 to 20 bags.


The two public hospitals on an average collect and distribute 75 to 80 bags of blood after grouping, cross-matching, screening and other tests.


Besides, different clinics in the city without government approval collect and supply blood.


There is also allegation that some private clinics receive blood from donors without carrying out any malaria, HIV, B-virus, C-virus or any other necessary tests on their bodies.


Once only volunteer organisation Sandhani was meant for blood donation and collection.


But Sandhani Donor Club was abolished due to internal conflict.


The patients have no confidence in it like the past.


However, Sandhani Clubs’ vice president Amirul Islam Mukul said there is a demand for 25 bags of blood every day from them but it is not possible to supply blood according to the demand.


It is now difficult for commoners to collect blood from KMCH, which is now controlled by pro-government Bangladesh Chhatra League, he added.


In Khulna city Quantum Foundation, Khanjahan Ali Blood Foundation, Khulna Blood Donor Club, Juba Red Crescent Society and Badhan of Khulna University are working with blood but these are information-based organisations.


It means that these organisations have a list of their members and if any one needs blood, they send donors to the patients.


Khulna Civil Surgeon Dr Golam Mortaza Sikdar said there is no scope of doing business with blood.


“If anyone needs blood, he/she can collect it from Khulna Medical College Hospital or General Hospital according to requirement and any group of blood will be available,” he added.


If any allegation is found against anyone, actions will be taken promptly, he warned.


Blood transfusion section medical officer Dr Tozammel Hossain Zoardar of KMCH said for blood transfusion service, license is to be obtained from the office of the director general of the health directorate.


In Khulna, there are only two organisations which have the licence.


One is Khulna Medical College Hospital while another is Khulna General Hospital, he added.

Source: UNBConnect


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