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Bengal Foundation has launched its second year version of Bengal Classical Music Festival 2013, the biggest music festival of the country.
The four-day programme was formally inaugurated on Thursday evening at the Bangladesh Army Stadium. A huge number of over 41 thousand people have already registered for the event which promises to be even bigger and better this year.
Last year, the majestic event was dedicated to Ustad Alauddin Khan while this year’s festival is dedicated to Gyantapas Professor Abdur Razzaq The grand show began with the group choreography at 5.30pm. It was followed by a sessaion of Kathak dance performed by Indian artist Vishal Krishna, classical vocal by Vidushi Girija Devi. On the first night, classical performances were presented also by Ayan Sen Gupta, Vidushi Kushiki Chakravarty, Pandit Tejendra Narayan Majumder and Pandit rajendra Mishra and pandit Sajann Mishra .
Claimed to be world’s largest classical music festival, the event, once again, has mobilized vocal, dance and instrument recitals by the greatest maestros of Hindustani Classical Music.
Apart from performances by famed Indian geniuses, a number of Bangladeshi artists will also enriching the show with their dexterous presentations.
Last year’s monumental success prompted and encouraged Bengal Foundation to come up with the second installment, said Abul Khair, chairman of Bengal Foundation, in a press conference held recently. He also said that this kind of arrangements is a key to generate interest among the new generation to become passionate about classical music which has a deep rooted bond with Bangladeshi cultural heritage. Every day, of the four days of the event, the gates of the venue will open at 4pm and the programme will continue till 5am in the morning and the generous organisers of Bengal Foundation has arranged transportation for their registered guests and all buses will leave pick-up points across Dhaka at 4pm and will leave the venue between 5:30am for drop-off. The route chart of shuttle service can be followed at the official website of Bengal Foundation.
Along with a huge food court that will offer a wide variety of choices for the crowd, this time’s arrangement is also providing improved on-ground facilities, Wi-fi zones, so that people may remain connected.

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