Banning Jamaat requires legal process: Ashraful

News - Banning Jamaat requires legal process: Ashraful
 LGRD Minister and Awami League general secretary Syed Ashraful Islam on Tuesday said it is not possible to ban Jamaat-e-Islami just through an announcement from any public meeting or any television channel.
“The government has to abide by the constitution and the law…we’ll have to follow the legal process to ban Jamaat,” he said.
“Shahbagh youths have been demanding a ban on Jamaat… it’s logical.  But Awami League is a democratic party, it can’t ban any political party in an undemocratic way,” he said while speaking at a public meeting of 14-party alliance at Laldighi Maidan in the city.
Ashraf went on: “There’re some people who had said Awami League government won’t start the trial of war criminals…now when the trial is going on they say the Awami League government won’t execute the war criminals.”
“I can say we’re conducting the trial of war criminals as per law of the land and the constitution,” he told the meeting.
Industries Minister Dilip Barua, Workers’ Party chief Rashed Khan Menon, were, among others, present at the meeting held with former mayor and city AL president ABM Mahiuddin Chowdhury in the chair.
Source: UNB Connect


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