Bangladesh war crimes protests continue

Trial of politicians allegedly involved in crimes during the country’s 1971 liberation war has led to weeks of protest.

Bangladesh continues to face political and social unrest, as leaders of the opposition Jamaat-e-Islami political party are on trial accused of involvement in murder and other atrocities during country’s liberation war in 1971.

Tens of thousands of demonstrators have been camping in the central Shahbag Square in the capital, Dhaka, for the last couple of weeks demanding capital punishment for those found guilty.

Supporters of Jamaat-e-Islami have also been staging rallies.

Protests erupted after Abdul Quader Mollah, Jamaat’s assistant secretary-general, was sentenced to life for murder, rape and torture.

Eight other Jamaat leaders, including its current and former chiefs, are being tried by the tribunal, set up in 2010 to investigate abuses during the 1971 conflict.

Tens of thousand of pro-liberation Bengalis were killed during the war, many by pro-Pakistani militias whose members allegedly included Jamaat officials.

Supporters of Jamaat have held rallies to question the war tribunal’s neutrality.

Source: Al Jazeera