Bangladesh rejects US report highlighting extra-judicial killings: Inu

The report prepared by the US State Department is “not based on facts,” said the minister while briefing the media at the Secretariat on Monday.

The State Department of United States published its annual report on worldwide human rights condition on Friday.

The report flags out “extra-judicial killings” as the primary force behind the deteriorating condition of human rights in Bangladesh.

It terms Bangladesh as a non-communal and democratic state and says the country’s security forces are under the control of the civil administration.

Killings by terrorists, enforced disappearance, child marriage, violence against women and children, unsafe working environment are other areas of concern in the country, the report says.

Minister Inu said: “We, in Bangladesh, do not support US’s tendency of making comments on human rights situation in other countries.”

Bangladesh is run by its constitution and law. All the institutions of this country have their own set of rules but are bound to abide by the constitution and the law, he said.

“Both the United States and Bangladesh are democratic nations. We are working together on various issues especially on fighting terrorism.”

Source: bdnews24


  1. Inu would not even be an MP if not for the fake election of 2014. Enu does not understand democracy. His comments on this sensitive subject is funny. He is the same guy who wanted Sheikh Mujib’s body thrown into the Bay of Bengal. Now he a minister for the same political party coalition. Sheikh Hasina had no other choice to build her coalition but to take in some of the old enemies.

  2. Inu is employed to reject extra-judicial killings because it may be part of Govenment agenda to eliminate political opposition.He is not eliminated because he is officially part of the this Govt not of the same AL who eliminated a lot of JSD workers who were in the opposition. News about ‘Extra-judicial killings’ appear in Bangladesh in everyday newspaper in Bangladesh.Deteriorating condition of human rights in Bangladesh, is menifest in many forms and not only in “extra-judicial killings” such as Killings by terrorists, enforced disappearance, torturing to death while in custody. This Governent inherited this agenda from previous one and that Govt. from their predecessor and so on.


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