Why is the Bangladeshi education system so rubbish?

It was announced by the education board that from 1992, SSC examination will have 50% MCQ type question which was not a bad move because it forced the students to read the whole book. I feel that the MCQ questions in math exams were very useful for sharpening skills. But a large group of students felt dissatisfied and there were demonstrations on streets, broken glasses of many cars, vehicles were broken and then came the announcement that Math exams will not have any MCQ type questions. Hearing this announcement my heart was shattered as I was very good at Math MCQs. Later came the announcement that other exams will have MCQ questions only from the 500 model MCQs (per subject) supplied by the education board. I think this decision has set our education system back by at least 5 years. Over the years many such decisions have been taken which have made our education system rubbish. Our mindset is strange, we have no problem in attending MCQs in SAT, GRE exams but when it comes to board exams we feel uncomfortable.

Our Bangla medium education system has somewhat been destroyed and so now more good students are getting admitted to English medium schools and are going for O-level and A-level. Our University level education is still OK because of the admission tests in public universities. Due to question leaks, many reasonably good & honest students perform relatively poorly in HSC exam and thus cannot appear in admission tests of public universities. Some of these students end up in private universities. So I cannot say that the average quality of intake of private universities has decreased for the question leak (A blessing in disguise for Private Universities). Also, good schools and colleges still maintain a reasonable standard hence producing good students. I think the students of schools and colleges with average quality are suffering more with the question leak.

*The above paragraphs are based on observation only, but I have plans to do statistics based research on this sometime in future*


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