Do whatever you deem necessary, rest I’ll take care: DIG tells policemen


Deputy Inspector General (DIG) SM Mahfuful Haq Nuruzzaman of Dhaka range gave the instruction on Saturday in Gazipur.

“I’m asking you to do whatever possible to catch those who kill people and destroy properties,” he said. “I’ll take full responsibility for any eventualities.”

At least 60 people have been killed since the BNP, which boycotted the 2014 general elections, called the blockade on Jan 5 to press for a snap election.

On Friday night, 10 people were killed in two separate arson attacks in Gaibandha and Barisal.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Jan 28 ordered police to stop violence “at any cost” saying she would “take all liability”.

DIG Nuruzzaman on Saturday asked police to justify issuance of firearms to them.

“We’ve been issued weapons to protect the people, ensure safety of public and private properties,” he said.

He was speaking at a views-exchange programme with local freedom fighters, leaders of ruling Awami League, its youth and student affiliates.

“Join us in the fight against saboteurs,” the police officer said.

Source: bdnews204


  1. Instead of asking the police to act at their own will and turning them into into a killing machine (this is already happening to some extent),I suggest that this good DIG asks the government to start dialogue immediately with the opposition and come to an agreement for a free and fair election the soonest – all agitation, all killings will stop straightway. While I do not condone killing of innocent people as a good way to agitate I promise that initiative from the government to hold free and fair election will put a halt to all violence like a magic!


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