What U.S.A. should do about Iran


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Photo source: NYT

The US needs to follow a policy that is in our national interests. Iranian nuclear bombs would be irrelevant. Even if they were able to fit them into long-range missile, they can not do anything with it. If they used them, the US would turn their entire country into a radioactive graveyard. If they used proxies, we would know too because each nuclear bomb has a particular radioactive signature regarding the source of the material. Of course, a nuclear bomb would prevent anybody from invading Iran… but who wants?

What we do not need is $200/B oil, even if temporarily. Our economy is highly leveraged with bad mortgage loans, federal debt etc. Even with Helicopter Ben helping we are barely making it. Another economic shock and we get wiped out. Helicopter Ben shot his wad already and will not be able to help. We would be no match for the rising powers in Asia, particularly China.

Meanwhile, the energy resources of the Middle East will become irrelevant. New tech has made natural gas dirt cheap at $2.15/MBTU. That is less than 1/10 of the cost of gasoline on BTU basis, before any taxes. Similar tech will be applied to our vast oil reservoirs. I expect oil prices to collapse sooner than later.

The warmonger that are pushing the US for another war need to get their heads examined for paranoid schizophrenia. There is a lot of good stuff they can take these days besides Haloperidol.

Netanyahu and Barak are complete lunatics. They shoot their mouths off without any understanding of what is going. Alternatively, they are just bluffing as some have suggested. Ali Larijani, the speaker of the Iranian parliament (the Majlis) said last week that Israelis like a dog that barks a lot but won't bite.

More fundamentally, there is absolutely no justification for even talking about attacking Iran since almost everyone (even lunatic Barak) agrees that Iran has no nuclear weapons program.

By international law, any attack on Iran is prohibited. There are UN statutes that ban any attack on a functional nuclear facility. Also, by the UN Charter an attack on a member country can only be allowed under two conditions: In self-defense or if the UN Security Council has authorized it. Thus, both Obama and Netanyahu/Barak should stop shooting their mouths off with “All options are on the table.”

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