Was Blogger Rajib Killed For His Blog And Comments ??

Rajib, better known by his online identity as Thaba Baba, was claimed as one of the main stream activist of Shahbagh protest was stabbed to death In Dhaka yesterday.

Many blogger and general people termed it as the output of Shahbag protest as a consiquence total blame goes on Jamat Shibir through medias and protestors  .Protesters demanded to take  punitive action against the killers.

On the other hand a good number of bloggers claiming this murder is not because of his activies of Shahbagh movement rather this might be a outcome of his previous personal online  Anti-Islamic activities like objectional comments and ill motivated funs against Islam. One of his  personal blog hosted in wordpress is revealed which shows all sorts of hate speech against islam and general muslims.

Some of the online Jamaat-Shibir activists had branded the slain blogger Ahmed Rajib Haider as an atheist who they said should have been resisted. One of them commented “It is a duty of all Muslims to kill those atheists”.

Another Facebook account holder leaned towards Jamat Shibir mentioned the imam who conducted the namaz-e-janaza of Rajib yesterday at Shahbagh would also be killed on his post.

On February 11, a Sonarbangla blogger with a pseudonym, Sporsher Baire (Out of Touch), wrote about the organisers of the ongoing Shahbagh movement. On this blog Sporsher Baire tried to introduce Blogger Rajib  as one of the key organizer of Shahbag protest.

While Sporsher Baire tried to empahsised Rajib as key organizer in sonar Bangla blog,  however he was not that much active in online blogging platform . Our investigation regarding this concern, we have found only 10 blog posts of Rajib in each amarblog and somewhereinblog for last three years. 

None of his blog post  showed that he could be   a mainstrem organizer rather than a general supporter of Shahbagh protest.So the question remains unsloved why sporsher Baire tried to introduce thaba baba as a key player of Shahbagh demonstration, just two day before of this murder occured.

Ahmed Rajib Haider used to write as Thaba Baba on different blogs, including Blog named Amarblog, Sachalayatan. 

In his last Facebook status posted on Friday afternoon, he called for banning the institutions owned by the Jamaat-e-Islami. According to different bloggers’ posts in Facebook, Shibir cadres have continued campaigning against the activists of the movement. 

For our readers convinience we have collected for of Rajib’s (Thaba Baba) blogs and post from different sites:


Thaba Baba Somewhereinblog Post


Thaba Baba Post On AMarblog



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