Shahbagh youths should also consider other national issues

Nur Jahan , Chittagong

We commend the young generation as they could unite the people on the war crime trial issue. They have pressed for bringing war crimes charges against Jamat-e-Islami and issued ultimatum to the government to initiate legal process to ban the party by March 26, 2013. We thank the youths for putting pressure on the government. But does the Awami League-led government need pressure on these issues? It will be very happy to oblige the Shahbag protesters as they have one foot forward to take actions against Jamaat-e-Islami. So it seems that the protests have gone in favour of the government.

We are besieged with so many serious problems; the younger generation now must pay attention to these. Criminal activities have risen alarmingly, traffic jam, scarcity of electricity, water and gas, high prices of essentials, dilapidated roads and highways, share market debacle, Hall Mark and Destiny scam, frequent road accidents, environment pollution, and so many other problems have crippled our life. Our rivers are dying due to dumping of waste materials into them and encroachment. And there is no end to Bangladesh Chhatra League activists’ heinous behaviour.

Recently, a deal was signed with Russia to build a nuclear power plant in our country. We are aghast at the news. From the very beginning, experts and conscious citizens were saying that it would be disastrous. Developed countries are not building any new plants and many existing plants are being shut down. If any accident happens, we are doomed.

We urge the younger generation to compel the government to abandon the plan and save the country from destruction. We hope and trust that they will bring these important issues to the forefront and make the government address those urgently.

Source: The Daily Star


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