Selfish Pakistan army may spark nuclear war with India: Bangladesh envoy

NEW DELHI: In one of his publications which he presented to BJP leader LK Advani last week, Bangladeshi high commissioner to India Ahmed Tariq Karim attacked the Pakistan army saying its “selfish corporate” interests may spark off a nuclear confrontation with India.

In the 19-page document, excerpts from which have been displayed by Advani on his blog, Karim said the armed standoff between India and Pakistan over Kashmir was “inevitably enlarged by the Pakistan military into a permanent security threat to the newly established Muslim nation”.

“While the Indian leadership, despite the conflict with Pakistan, chose the path of democracy and invested in strengthening their democratic and civic institutions, the political leadership of Pakistan used Kashmir as the reason for embarking on the road to authoritarian governance,” Karim said.

“Ironically, in the process, they sowed the seeds for their own displacement by the very institution that was normally meant to be the guardian of their security,” he added in the pamphlet titled ‘Pakistan: Stalking Armageddon?’

According to Karim, Pakistan in its obsession with matching India tit-for-tat in missiles and the nuclear race, has “failed to address more fundamental problems related to societal development within its own orders, and has gone pretty nigh bankrupt in the process”.

In the pamphlet, Karim cited seven “deadly sins” of Pakistan which were responsible for the political problems and weak democracy in the neighbouring country.

These, according to Karim, were doctrines of Islamic invincibility over Hindus, West Pakistani superiority over inferior Bengalis (Bangladeshis), its indispensability as a strategic ally of the US, too much emphasis on relations with China and Iran, a belief that majority of Kashmiris want to join Pakistan, and that defence of East Pakistan lay in the plains of Punjab (Pakistan).

Source: The Times of India


  1. This guy is nuts. He has no business talking about this issue. Trying to please BJP who are arch rival of BNP of Bangladesh.

  2. I urge BDChronicle’s editor to take note of NHK’s comments above which is most unfortunate.

    While this blog must encourage its patrons to enter into healthy and objective debates on all issues of common interst (and this blog has since been doing this quite successfully), it must at all times ban outright all raciallly/communally based disparaging comments.

    Mr. NHK’s comment above seems to have flouted the values of tolerance and mutual respect and indeed, crossed the limits of human dignity.

    Thus I request the BDC Editor to delete Mr. NHK’s submission forthwith.

  3. Please be respectful when posting on this site. Comments disparaging others on the basis of race, sex, gender, national origin, sexual orientation, and religion WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. Posts in this vein will be deleted, and the user(s) will be flagged. Thank you ADK for bringing this to our attention.


    Bangladesh Chronicle

  4. You are so correct. I feel bad in hurting others that I have and will refrain from doing so. Kindly forgive me all if you can as brothers. Good regards & best wishes, always.


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