The right way to protest

Politicians must resolve to make their points without infringing the rights of others.

We applaud the citizens groups who marched silently from the Jatiya Press Club to Shaheed Minar on Saturday to protest the use of violence in political protests.

At a time when national life is dominated by the disgraceful use of violence in the name of politics, it is vital that their message be heard.

By making their point without infringing the rights of others, the marchers not only gave voice to ordinary citizens’  feelings, but also showed  the right way to protest.

The demonstration, which involved people from all walks of life, crucially made the point that the marchers do not object to the right of political parties to protest, but want to see an end t o violence in the name of politics. This common sense view is undoubtedly shared by most members of the public.

We badly need to see an end to the agonies being suffered by innocent victims of violence and the lifting of the blockades which are recklessly endangering the economy.

Political leaders not only need to resolve the present dispute to end the ongoing disruption and havoc,  but must resolve collectively to take all intimidation and violence out of politics.

The constant resort to threats of intimidation and acts of violence in support of hartals and blockades is a blight on the nation. Such forms of politics harm the economy and national interest. We must find a way to move forward as a nation without any tolerance for violence in politics.

Source: Dhaka Tribune


  1. Can we expect this government to ban arson, looting, killing and catch the right people and try them as criminals. Unfortunately without making these overtures a hartal does not become a complete tool. Awami League also use this method in the past. I would suggest this writer should advise this government to ban hartals. They have 100% of parliament. They have no opposition except the fake one.


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