Rifat murder: Wife Minni arrested

Rifat murder: Wife Minni arrested

  • Dhaka Tribune July 16th, 2019
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File photo: Ayesha Siddiqua Minni during a press briefing at her parents’ home in Barguna municipality town on Sunday, July 14, 2019 Dhaka Tribune

Barguna Police Super Maruf Hossain confirmed the arrest to Dhaka Tribune on Tuesday

Police arrested Ayesha Siddiqua Minni, wife of slain Rifat Sharif, for her alleged involvement in the brutal murder of her husband.

Barguna Superintendent of Police Maruf Hossain confirmed the matter to Dhaka Tribune around 9pm yesterday.

He said Minni was arrested following a thorough interrogation which indicated her involvement in the case.

Earlier in the morning, police recorded her statement given in the Rifat murder case.

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In this regard, Minni’s father, Mozzamel Hossain Kishor said: “Ayesha was arrested on baseless allegations. She risked her life to save Rifat. Police harassed her in the name of interrogation.”

Ever since the video footage of  the Rifat murder hit social media, netizens suggested that she might have had involvement in the incident, judging by Minni’s actions and background.

On Saturday, Rifat’s father Abdul Halim Dulal held a press briefing at the Barguna Press Club and demanded the arrest of his daughter-in-law in her alleged involvement in the murder.

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Referring to the recent video footage on social media, he said Ayesha was seen to be reluctant when Rifat was attacked by the criminals. She also did not accompany Rifat when he was being taken to Barisal in an ambulance.

Ayesha used to go to college by herself. On the day of Rifat’s murder, she called him and told him to go the college, he also added.

The next day, rejecting the allegation, Minni said: “Whatever my father-in-law said is false and baseless. My father-in-law is suffering from dementia,” in her written statement at a press briefing.

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Earlier, Barguna Senior Magistrate court set July 31 for the next hearing, and sent eight accused to prison.

To date police have arrested 13 people in the murder case. The prime accused, Nayan Bond, was killed in a gunfight on July 2.

Nine people confessed to their crimes, eight of which have been sent to prison, and another was sent to a safe house being underage.

Rifat murdered in broad daylight 

Rifat Sharif, 22, was hacked to death by criminals in front of his wife Minni, in broad daylight, in the district town on June 26. Police also have a CCTV footage of the incident.

Rifat’s father, Dulal Sharif, filed a murder case against 12 named and five or six unknown attackers with Barguna police station.


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