Public wraths against BNP-Jamaat to end anarchy: PM










Terming crimes against humanity the ongoing subversive acts like burning people to death, the prime minister, Sheikh Hasina, on Thursday hoped that public wraths and tough government actions against BNP-Jamaat will bring an end to the current situation.
‘Now it is a matter of hope that the country’s people are now much aware and aren’t accepting such destructive acts like burning people to death and causing damage to public property through arson attacks. People have started resisting these acts,’ she said.
Hasina further said, ‘We expect to overcome the prevailing situation through public wraths against them (BNP-Jamaat and other components of the 20-party alliance).’
The prime minister came up with the remarks in her introductory speech in a meeting with seniors officials of the various divisions under the ministry of finance at the ministry conference room.
Heinous act like burning people to death is just unthinkable, said the Prime Minister adding that the BNP-Jamaat is doing politics in the name of Islam but they are unleashing all sorts of anti-Islamic activities and thus trying to push the country towards devastation.
The prime minister also called upon all to remain alert about the subversive acts unleashed by the BNP and Jamaat.
Hasina said when the country is moving forward in all sectors, such subversive acts are being unleashed by the BNP-Jamaat clique to hit the economy as well as push the common people into distress. ‘But, we are trying to contain the menace with tough measures.’
She said the stance of the BNP-Jamaat is that they do not bother about destructions because they had enjoyed power without making any such effort and sacrifice as BNP emerged as a political party through the hands of a military dictator who had grabbed power illegally and unconstitutionally after the assassination of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman in 1975.
Hasina said Jamaat had carried out arson attacks, rape and genocide on innocent Bangladeshi people during the War of Liberation as the collaborators of the Pakistani occupation forces.
‘When these parties grab power, then they do not care about public welfare and development of the country, rather amass wealth through corruption and siphoning off money. Their character is to push the country backwards and now they are doing the same thing,’ she added.

Source: New Age


  1. Dear PM: Your job is to take care of security of the nation. You have already politicized everything including Freedom Fighters, Civil Service, Police, the Court System. Now you are trying to politicizing crime. You should make the police work to catch the miscreants and not jailing leaders of the opposition. In the past, you let go Awami criminals and some of the worst AL criminals were pardoned. Once and for all violence must end under a non-political police and judicial system. You have politicized all the organs of the government. You even do not give room to the opposition to protest peacefully. You have virtually made Bangladesh a one party system with a “set up” or fake opposition. If you think you can outsmart Bangladeshis by your act, you are fooling no one. People do not trust you just like they do not trust other politicians. But you have been successful in outfoxing everyone by foreign help and also by advice of the most crooked politician of all times the autocrat Ershad. He is your brother and have provided you with the crooked expertise he mastered a long time ago. You have decimated the power of the press. Now you are trying to decimate any opposition. GOOD LUCK madam.


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