Pori Moni is Engaged!


Actress and Dhallywood star Pori Moni barely needs any introduction. She has been working on Gias Uddin Selim’s upcoming movie Swapnojal for some time now and that is big news in the industry as it is. She has been shooting in Chandpur, Comilla for the movie and has decided to send a bigger shockwave in the industry.

She recently got engaged at Chandpur in what can be described as a “destination engagement” ceremony. She explained that it was a completely spontaneous decision to get engaged, in a rather poetic manner on the morning of Valentine’s Day.

“Love comes into people’s lives very suddenly and we decided to do this in order to make Valentine’s Day a truly memorable event. My fiancé is a businessman, and not someone from the media industry. He has put a ring on my finger and I will provide further details later on,” she said.

Source: The Daily star