PM out to bring state organs under her authority at ‘gunpoint’: BNP

Bangladesh Nationalist Party senior joint secretary general Ruhul Kabir Rizvi on Tuesday said the prime minister is out to bring all organs of the state under her authority at ‘gunpoint’.

Addressing a news briefing at BNP central office,  Rizvi made the remarks.

He, however, did not elaborate further.

When asked about BNP’s comment over Chief Justice SK Sinha’s application for  leave for one month from Tuesday, the day  Supreme Court resumed after 37-day vacation, Rizvi said the party senior leaders would sit in a meeting this evening to discuss the matter and give reaction.

The BNP senior joint secretary general alleged that prime minister Sheikh Hasina was busy in lobbying how to get an international award like Nobel prize without looking at sufferings of people.

He said it was also heard that she (PM) appointed lobbyists for it in exchange of money.

Rizvi said lakhs of Rohingyas fled to Bangladesh being repressed by Myanmar army, saying still humanitarian disaster did not disappear there.

He said the prime minister was returning home becoming failed to make any solution at International forum of the United Nations of Rohingya crisis.

He criticised that the ruling party was preparing to accord reception to the prime minister spending public money.

He questioned whether she (prime minister) was able to send a single Rohingya refugee back to their homeland Myanmar.

The BNP leader said decision to form joint working   group between Bangladesh and Myanmar side tracking the UN to take back Rohingyas is nothing but a ‘bluff’ and an eyewash.

Source: New Age


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