People want liberty: Ershad

Speaking in Parliament on Thursday, he said, “We want liberty. Our liberty is being held hostage. We want to escape from corruption, terrorism, nepotism, extortion, murder, abduction and the politics of conflicts.”

Prime minister’s Special Envoy Ershad said that although the Father of the Nation had brought freedom to the nation, he could not liberate it.

“If he were alive, maybe he could have done so. But now the mantle must be taken on by his heir,” he said.

Ershad mentioned Narayanganj seven murders, saying, “We can’t bear the grief of Chandan Sarker’s daughter Sushmita. So many Sushmitas are waiting for their fathers. This country has become a land of death.”

He called on the government to protect the people from abductions and murders and said he would “extend his full support” in this.

“We don’t want any godfathers. We don’t want any mafia,” he said.

He then turned to Finance Minister AMA Muhith.

“Honourable finance minister should go to Kamalapur Railway Station after 11pm. You’ll find people sleeping on the streets. In the morning people line up on the streets looking for jobs,” he said.

“They don’t understand budget. They want work.”

The former military dictator, who has been convicted for corruption, criticised corruption in the government.

“One minister started with 20 acres of land and now has 3,000 acres. Is this not corruption?” he asked.

He called on the government to bring the people behind the stock market debacle and bank frauds to justice.

Ershad also criticised the formalin drives confining only in Dhaka. “What about the people in rest of the country? Are they not humans?”

Source: Bd news24


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