People suffer as Kutub Bagh Darbar Sharif gears up for the annual showdown

By Nazmus Saquib

As the annual Urs Sharif (religious gathering) is just two days away, massive preparations have been going on in and outside the Farmgate’s Kutubh Bagh Darbar Sharif in the city. Just like the previous years, this year too the ordeals of the common people remain the same as the showdown of Urs is having detrimental impact on them, especially to the people of the locality. Blocking almost the entire footpath, the Darbar Sharif authority with it’s hundreds of volunteers is paying little attention to the suffering of the general people. They have blocked almost all the sideways and walkways near the Darbar for keeping the sacrificial animals (Mannat).


Cows, Goats, Camels and other sacrificial animals are kept there which will be slaughtered during the three days of the Urs, starting from 25 January. Wishing anonymity, a constable of Ramna Thana said, “We can do nothing to minimize the suffering of the people because if we do so, a section of people will accuse us for hurting the religious sentiment of Kutubh Bagh followers.”

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  1. The way it is narrated in this article, it seems that all the traffic movement has been stopped around Kutubbagh Darbar Sharif. But in reality usual traffic is moving seamlessly on both the side of the footpath. cattle have been kept in a small portion of the road (where Tempos used to be parked regularly blocking the road).Rther footpath which were occupied by temporary tea stalls have been removed to make the foot path clean.

  2. The point of these articles I think; is to make aware of how a bigoted religious manipulator used high officials to use public parks, public cricket field and the roads adjacent to it to make it into a huge show. I believe a lot of high rollers like the Home Minister Sahara Khatoon and General Ershad are amongst the dignitaries that frequent this peer. All these people are debauches who use religion to further their voting blocks and political base.
    Besides the pious people, there are layers such as Dharma Praan, Dharma Parayan, Dharma Bhiru (pious, god-fearing) Dharmio Gorami (dogmatist), Dharmandho (zealots) and Dharma Baboshayee (someone who exploits religion for something sinister).
    This peer and any other peer for that matter are Dharma Baboshayee (someone who exploits religion for something sinister). They distort religion, use influential people to increase their booty. Above all, they make a mockery out of Dharma Praan, Dharma Parayan, Dharma Bhiru (pious, god-fearing) people. Suck their money out of the pockets to get richer. It takes crores of takas to build that temporary palatial fortress to impress the whole world how great this person is. It is a fantastic marketing tool. Being attended by great fraudster political leader gives him an extra impetus. He can gloat in victory. It is a sad state of affairs.
    Most importantly, he is occupying public property, creating chaos in traffic and you should be there to here the LOUD loudspeaker that incessantly keeps the place noisy. People cannot sleep. The Law minister lives nearby. He should know about it too. But he may also be a disciple. Who know?

  3. Who gave him permission to throw this party for this long? It took me half an hour in my car jusr to travel from Farm Gate to my home Raja Bazaar. Normally it should not take more then 5 minutes. We cannot sleep from the blaring noise of loud mikes. Bangladesh government has to crack down on illegal use of lands for any purpose. Also the police should arrest people using loud speakers without permission.

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