Motorcyclists pass by Khaleda’s office firing gunshots


Unidentified bike-riding youths passed by BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia’s Gulshan office firing gunshots on Sunday night.

“The BNP chairperson was in the office when the motorcyclists fired several gunshots around 11:12pm,” Khaleda’s press secretary Maruf Kamal Khan told UNB.
He said the youths fired shots and sped away although security personnel were around the office. However, no one was injured in the office.
Khaleda Zia, also the leader of the opposition in parliament, was in the office till filing of the report at about 11.45pm.
Earlier, Khaleda had a meeting in the office with the top leaders of her party-led 18-party alliance.
Source: UNBConnect


  1. Assassinating Begum Khaleda Zia Indian collaborators with the help of their apostate anti-Islamic terrorists & RAW’s secret agents want to make sure Indian poodle, anti Islamic Hasina stays in power.

    But one must not forget India failed to protect its agent Mujib from the wrath of the people in 1975.

    Indian POODLE, intellectually bankrupt, poorly educated, emotive, impulsive, Rabindra Sangit bemused , charlatan, demagogic Hasina MUST be congratulated for her choosing such beautiful, political , civilized vocabulary to tell Begum Khaleda, twice the elected prime minister of the country and the leader of the 18 party alliance using her broken Urdu words “ TO GO HER JAN-PIYARA-PAKISTAN (beloved Pakistan) where the Generals would look after her as they did in Dhaka in 1971. AND LET US LEAVE IN PEACE AND PLEASE CAUSE NO MORE SUFFERING & AGONY FOR US “
    Few hours after Hasina’s such deliberation, Begum Khaleda’s residence was fired upon by a gang of apostates riding on their motorbikes. They missed the target as they were in a hurry. They might use Indian rocket next time to destroy her house, herself being inside the house to make sure Hasina reigns for ever. Khaleda’s assuming the leadership of the entire Islamic Ummah of the country to save Islam from ferocious, barbarous assault by the Bengali Apostates of the country has unnerved Hasina. She has lost her sense & trying a SHOTCUT to cut-down Khaleda at any cost.

  3. in a TV talk-show the other night Mr. Kazi Zafar truly said that our PM prefers to ridicule in a language most unsuitable for the head of govt, respectable and even senior citizens who do not broker her venomous rhetoric. It may not be irrelevant to quote one of her great admirers Mr. Gaffar Choudhury who said the greatest enemy to Shekh Hasina is her tongue. Even a higher court bench termed her as ‘wrong headed lady’. But she cares a fig for all that. In fact a popular saw goes thus: The naked has no fear of thieves. And she seems to have a very shrewd, clandestine strategy for which she bulldozes all wise suggestions at the peril of the country’s future.


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