Menon took casino money every month – The Daily Amader Shomoy

Menon took casino money every month – The Daily Amader Shomoy

Ismail Hossain Chowdhury, the ousted president of the Dhaka Metropolitan South Jubo League, sent large sums of money to the Raghbawals to continue his illegal activities. The & # 39; Kaiser & # 39; The Emperor’s hands would have been put into the hands of influential people from various castes, his other ally, the leader of the Jubo League, Enamul Haque Arman. The emperor also prepared for the office of mayor of the Dhaka South City Corporation. With his arrest in Cassinoca all his plans were thwarted. The emperor said this during interrogation by law enforcement agencies.

According to information sources, Rashed Khan Menon, President of the Labor Party, a member of the Dhaka-4 constituency, also received a share of the casinos run by the Emperor and Khaled Mahmud Bhuiyan. In this connection, the emperor referred to Menon having paid TK 4 lakh a month. In a few months he was pushing for extra money. The RAB launched an anti-casino raid on the 3rd of September with the Yangmans Fakirapool Club. Menon is the chairman of the club. Khaled Mahmud Bhuiyan was the president. When reporters asked about Menon after the campaign started, he said he did not know how to run a casino in this club.

A high-ranking official of the interrogator told the emperor that the largest casino in the constituency of this MP (Menon) would be operated. Asked about the charge of having regularly taken money from the emperor, the emperor admitted.

Asked about the allegations, Rashed Khan Menon told us yesterday that I have no financial ties with the emperor, except for elections. During the election he (the Emperor) spent for the youth, I did not. At some point he got angry and asked where you got this information from.

According to the survey sources, the Emperor was obsessed yesterday with describing his plans and actions. At some point he cried. He said everything was done just for the casino. The Emperor also said that he operates all other criminal activities, including his casino business, without managing it. Among them are the most influential people. But after all, nobody could save him. How it all happened now seems like a nightmare to him. He said the names of those who took advantage of the emperor. A law enforcement agency has already started investigating the men.

Officials said the Emperor and Arman had appointed a few directors and heroines to achieve their goals. They also invested as producers in several films. The involvement of these directors, the heroes, has already increased. Sources said some of them will be called very soon.

According to the source, the emperor has given the latest information on the management of casinos in Dhaka. He gave accurate information about how much money he had paid. However, the investigators did not want to release their names at the time of the investigation. The Emperor also admitted to playing regularly at Marina Bay Send Casino in Singapore. He also talked about how he makes money with a Hyundai in Singapore and how much money he spends on casinos every month. Some of the most influential people who went to Singapore to play casino with the Emperor.

An official who did not want to be named for questioning the Emperor said Arman had counted the emperor’s money. Arman used to implement after telling the Emperor how much money was to be paid in Dhaka. Otherwise, Arman and Councilman Saeed assisted the emperor with money smuggling abroad. Arman knows almost everything about the Emperor. During the interrogation, information is collected separately from Kaiser and Arman. In most cases, information about the two is given separately.

According to sources, an investigation has been initiated into overnight accommodations councils that have huge finances in Dhaka. According to sources, a court in Dhaka on Tuesday granted three days pre-trial detention for arms and drug cases filed against the Kaiser.

At the same time, a five-day pre-trial detention was granted by his colleague, South Jubo League Vice President Enamul Haque Arman. First, the Emperor and Arman were interrogated by the Dhaka Metropolitan Police Office.

Later, on Wednesday, a Ministry of Interior order was sent by police to RAB to investigate the case of the Emperor and Arman. The two were brought to the RAB-4 office on Thursday. There they are interrogated now.

The RAB Director for Law and Media Lt. Colonel Sarwar bin Kashem informed us that the RAB is conducting the operation under the direction of the government. Those whose names have already been arrested were arrested. Measures are also taken against those whose names are known.

The Emperor hid after a raid on the illegal raccoon raid on the RAB raid in Clubpara in Motijheel, Dhaka. On August 8, the RAB arrested the Emperor and Arman of Chauddagram in Comilla. Later that afternoon, the Emperor accompanied him and raided his office at the Bhuiyan Trade Center in Kakrail. The RAB then filed three cases against the Kaiser and Arman under the Weapons and Drugs Act at the Ramna Police Station.


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