Khelada hopes Hasina will meet BNP demand

BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia has said she hopes the Prime Minister will meet her demand for a non-party poll-time government just the way she responded to Sheikh Hasina’s request by postponing an opposition’s general strike.

Khaleda’s expectation from Hasina was expressed on Tuesday in a statement in which she also declared to postpone the nationwide shutdown called for May 2 in demand of arrest of owners of the now-collapsed Rana Plaza at Savar and the five garment factories it housed.

“We hope the Prime Minister will also respond to our call considering the interest of the nation the way we responded to the Prime Minister’s request,” Khaleda said.

“We hope the Prime Minister will pave the way for a peaceful and democratic transfer of power by taking measures to hold the next general election under a neutral, non-partisan caretaker government by shunning her plan of returning to power through a rigged election.”

Hasina on Monday had urged the opposition to withdraw the strike considering the humanitarian crisis faced by the country.

BNP responded positively to the call on Tuesday by shelving its protest plan.

Khaleda in her statement also expressed hope that the government would hold dialogues with other political parties in order to form a non-partisan government. It however threatened to enforce more strikes if the government failed to fulfil the “nation’s hopes and demands.”

“Our demand is in complete harmony with the nation’s hopes and desires. We will enforce the programme we are postponing now if the government does not fulfil this demand. We will have no option but to launch a vigorous movement to save the people and the country”, said Khaleda.

BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia in the statement signed by her Press Secretary Maruf Kamal Khan demanded exemplary judgement of those responsible for massive loss of life at Savar.

Khaleda said, “We hope the Prime Minister will play a vital role to ensure maximum penalty and bring charges of murder against Sohel Rana, the local parliament member and others responsible for the disaster.”

The chief of opposition demanded adequate compensations for the survivors and families of the deceased.

She thanked those who risked their lives to save those trapped under the debris of Rana Plaza saying, “I am grateful and impressed by those who jumped to the rescue of the victims and travelled from the far reaches of the country to take part in the operation. My confidence on the people of Bangladesh has multiplied. I want to thank them. Thanks to Bangladesh’s Armed Forces, Fire Brigade, Police-RAB, Ansar and other law enforcing agencies, volunteers, doctors and all those who took part in the rescue,” she said.

Almost 400 people died in the disaster.

Meanwhile, the rescuers continued to clear debris with heavy machinery seventh day after the collapse.

Source: Bd news24


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