In search of Moral High Ground

So this is one side of the story. Facebook was used to incite emotion among naive Muslims of Bangladesh. A photo of Kaaba Gilaaf exchange ceremony was broadcast as a rally to vouch for Sayedee as a scholar. The Daily Star’s Zulfikar Ali Manik published a front page story with full “gotcha” vigor.

Here is the image of the forgery. Unknown cyber criminals did it,



and Daily Star exposed it.


And then the photo-shopped Sayedee face on the Moon, there hardly any savvy Bangladeshi who did not see that forgery. Daily Star did not forge to remind us about that forery with its back page story, ” Lie Worked Well”.

Sayedee Moon

And here is the other side of the story. Daily Star did not talk about this side of the story, however.

These photos were also widely publicized in social media.

Here is one photo where a Holocaust image was being portrayed as that of 1971 genocide.

This is another photo where an incident of Muslim mob attacking a Buddhist Temple in Lucknow, India. This photo had its round in social media purported to be Jamaat Shibir act of violence in minorities in Bangladesh.


And then this photo which initially started its journey from a facebook site called Projonmo Chattar, went viral in social media before being pulled off by the originating site.  This is a fake document showing BNP General Secretary’s  written memo to BNP activists to cooperate and work with Jamaat Shibir. From the spellings, the background of the text and the signature of the Secretary General,  it is obvious that this time it was a poor job of forgery and it got caught right away.

577788_510089199048164_1347479669_n 486478_10151299475480988_1653268743_n

These are a few we an clearly identify and recall. There must be many more we could not identify as forgery.

One can wonder about something called Moral High Ground. Is there anyone in Bangladesh who can claim the moral high ground?

Source: AlalODulal


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