Govt not making sincere efforts over Rohingya crisis: Fakhrul

Bangladesh Nationalist Party secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir on Tuesday complained that the government was not making sincere efforts to resolve the Rohingya crisis.
Fakhrul, who went to Cox’s Bazar by air from Dhaka on Tuesday afternoon, made the remark while talking to journalists at a hotel in the beach town.
The BNP secretary general said that his party had always maintained that it did not want to do politics in the country over the issue. ‘We have been calling for uniting the entire nation to stand beside humanity’, Fakhrul said.
He remarked that if the government could come out united bringing all the opposition parties and the people behind it, then the government’s hand would have been stronger.
‘But they [the ruling party] did not do it, but have been rejecting it,’ he said adding that it indicated that the government was not sincere in its efforts to resolve the crisis.
He blasted the government for not terming the brutality of Myanmar forces on Rohingya people as genocide yet. ‘They [the government] are yet to send a team or delegation to foreign countries, particularly to the countries which are extending their support to Myanmar,’ the BNP leader said.
‘Our key objective is to send the Rohingya people back to their own country with respect and dignity ensuring their citizenship and security there’, Fakhrul said.
United national efforts have to be carried out, he added.
When asked about the ruling party’s allegation that Fakhrul had come very late to visit Rohingya refugees in Cox’s Bazar, he said that the leaders of his party had been visiting Cox’s Bazar since the fresh outbreak of violence against Rohingya on August 25 and stood beside the Myanmar nationals there.
He added that BNP sent 22 trucks of relief for Rohingya people in Cox’s Bazar on September 12.
Fakhrul alleged that the ruling party leaders were staying there for a day but doing an eyewash of relief works using government relief.

Source: New Age


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