Get ready take to the streets after Eid, Khaleda to professionals

 BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia on Thursday urged the professionals to get united and take to the streets after Eid to force the government to arrange a fresh election under a non-party caretaker administration.

“We’re on the movement not to go to power, but to establish the people’s voting rights. So, we urge professionals to get united and take to the streets to press for restoration of the non-party caretaker government system,” she said.

Khaleda made the call while addressing an Iftar Party arranged by Agriculturists Association of Bangladesh, a pro-BNP professional body, at a city hotel.

“It’s the people who will decide who will rule the country. We just want to ensure people’s right to vote in a free, fair and inclusive election,” she said.

Depicting the sorry state of the country, Khaleda said the country’s people are going through a critical time. “This government doesn’t represent the country’s people as it illegally grabbed power… people got annoyed with it.”

She alleged that the government has resorted to killings, enforced disappearances and repressive acts to perpetuate its ‘illegal’ power. “It’s now the moral obligation of the country’s all people to put up a strong resistance against the repressive and killer government.”

Describing her previous government’s various steps for the development of the agriculture sector, the former Prime Minister alleged that farmers are not getting adequate support and utility services from the government to produce crops, let alone the fair prices of their produces.

“This government is not doing anything for the development of agriculture and increasing our production as it is conspiring to make Bangladesh an import-oriented country which will be dependent on others.”

Senior BNP leaders, agriculturists and teachers of different agriculture universities joined the party.

Source: UNB


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