Ex-BNP whip Jamal possesses several luxury houses, Tk 100crore factory

Whip Shahidul Haq Jamal (inset) and his luxury house at Banaripara Pourasava town in Barisal. Photo: STAROur Correspondent, Barisal

Special Task Force of the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has found properties worth Tk150 crore that former BNP Whip Shahidul Huq Jamal and his family members own without any legal sources of income.

The ACC is preparing to lodge a case in next month after submission of the full investigation report of the task force.

Whip Jamal was on the latest list of 35 corruption suspects published after the declaration of emergency in January last year, Task Force and Barisal district ACC sources said.

Fazlul Huq, deputy director of Barisal ACC, said after primary investigation the task force submitted a report in January this year and the ACC asked Whip Jamal to submit statement of wealth owned by him and six members of his family in March.

Whip Jamal submitted a statement of wealth on first half of April saying that he owns properties worth Tk 64 lakh in his name.

He said his family members including wife, three sons and daughter were well-established businesspersons and were not dependent on him as they have own sources of income.

A special Task Force of ACC led by Major Afzal Hossain visited Barisal, Banaripara, Swarupkathi and Dhaka last week to verify the submitted statement.

In their investigation, the ACC Task Force found that Whip Jamal and his family members owned movable and immovable properties worth Tk 150 crore that was beyond any legal source of income.

These properties included six luxurious houses worth Tk 40 crore at Baro Moghbazar and one in Cantonment area of Dhaka, one at Farirbari in Barisal one at Barnaripara upazila town and one at Labonshara village of that upazila under Barisal district.

Kohinoor Spinning Mill owned by Jamal on 32 acres of land at Saver of Dhaka would be valued over Tk 100 crore.

The value of three luxurious cars, three speedboats, handsome amounts of cash and fixed deposit in five bank accounts, gold ornaments and other properties would exceed Tk 10 crore.

There were allegations including forcibly collecting Tk 4 lakh per month from Banaripar upazila during regime of alliance government, misappropriation of huge funds as chairman of Red Crescent in 1991-96, and corruptions concerning relief items, government grants, development funds, establishments of telephone, post office and police post in his election constituency.

Major Afzal, who returned to Dhaka on Monday and told journalists that investigation report would be submitted within first half of May and then the ACC will lodge case against Whip Jamal and his family member for owning huge properties without any legal source of income.

The investigation also found proofs about allegations of misuse of public funds, extortion and other corruptions and separate cases may be lodged in those connections, ACC sources added.

Source: The Daily Star


  1. This revelation by ACC is certainly a step in the right direction and hopefully, will do its best to prove these allegations legally and punish the corrupt.

    ACC must also go after other corrupt elements in the society in a similar fashion and give a clear message that no one, not even a powerful politician of opposition or of government and , current or past, can escape the long hand of justice ever!

  2. I agree with ADK. ACC should not only go after the opposition parties. There are a lot of criminals within the present government. If ACC is independent body, they should have access to information of all corrupt individuals and should act accordingly. They should not be drawn into a partisan witch hunt.


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