Dialogue possible if BNP parts with Jamaat: Quamrul

News - Dialogue possible if BNP parts with Jamaat: Quamrul
 The government will sit in an ‘effective’ dialogue with the opposition BNP if it severs ties with Jamaat-e-Islami, State Minister for Law advocate Quamrul Islam said on Tuesday.

“There won’t be any effective dialogue with BNP as long as it has close ties with Jamaat… close the gap between the pro-liberation and anti-liberation forces…,” he said while talking to reporters at the Secretariat.

Stressing the need for holding dialogue for resolving the ongoing political crisis, Quamrul said, “Dialogue is the only way to overcome the current volatile situation.”

He said if BNP refrains itself from the path of confrontation and severs ties with Jamaat, dialogue between the government and the opposition party is likely to be very useful.

Pointing finger at BNP, the junior minister said, “With whom will we sit in dialogue?  Will we hold dialogue with the leader of those political parties who are involved in terrorist activities and issuing threats to the judiciary?”

Mentioning destructive activities by the Jamaat-Shibir men in recent time, he said, “Can they (BNP) assure that such anarchic situation won’t be created in the coming days after the pronouncement of verdicts in the war crimes cases.”

Refuting the allegation by the opposition that the Judiciary cannot work independently due to government’s interference, the Awami League leader said the government has never influenced the Judiciary and it is now working independently.

Earlier, a delegation of Rehab (Real Estate and Housing Association of Bangladesh) led by its president Nasrul Hamid Bipu called on the minister and raised their demands, including enacting an anti-hartal law, to stop anarchy in the name of hartal.

Responding to Rehab’s demands, Quamrul said he is not for stopping hartal as it is a democratic right.

Stating that an anarchic situation has been created in the country in the name of hartal, he said the country’s peace-loving people do not want to see hartal. “Stopping stop is a demand of time.”

Source: UNB Connect


  1. This bald man trying look young coloring whatever hair he got – looks funny and talks funny.
    The country is on fire and he talking nonsense. This is the end of AL. They called for this trouble. All established parties are very disliked by the people. Jamaat is the only party that practices democracy inside. This Jamaat is not the same Jamaat of 1971. This funny man has his head buried in sand. Hasina has to catch his neck and get him out.


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