Denmark for cooperation in renewable energy

News - Denmark for cooperation in renewable energy
Denmark is keen to build cooperation in the renewable energy sector and increase its trade with Bangladesh.

The interest of the European country was conveyed when visiting Danish Minister for Development Cooperation Christian Friis Bach met Finance Minister AMA Muhith at his office on Monday.

Referring to his discussion with Danish Minister, Muhith said Denmark is eager to increase its trade with Bangladesh to reduce its trade imbalance, as it favours Bangladesh.

He said a number of areas of Danish investment and business have been identified, and one of the most prospective fields is renewable energy.

Though Denmark is an agro-based country, it has made tremendous progress in some other areas, including energy. Twenty percent of its energy comes from renewable energy, he said, adding that they are producing power from solar, air and web.

The Finance Minister said Denmark’s priority areas in Bangladesh are human rights, women empowerment and water management. “New agreements will be signed between Denmark and Bangladesh to build business partnership,” he said.

Source: UNB Connect


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