Corruption a barrier to development: ACC Chief

News - Corruption a barrier to development: ACC Chief
 Identifying corruption as the main stumbling block to development, Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) Chairman Golam Rahman on Tuesday urged the politicians, media and civil society members to work together to free the nation from the ‘social menace’.

“Corruption has become a social menace though the majority of the country’s people want a corruption-free society. We want a corruption-free country and we’ll establish that with the help of media, political parties and civil society members,” he told a function at the ACC headquarters marking the ‘Anti-Corruption Week 2013.

The ACC boss said the country’s people have not yet got the economic emancipation despite obtaining independence 42 years ago mainly because of corruption.

Referring to the theme of the week, ‘People’s Power will Resist Corruption’, the ACC chief said people are the source of all power and they will play a stronger role in establishing a corruption free society.

He said corruption is not a new phenomenon in society though there have been changes in its nature. “Once corruption was there only in public sector but now it has engulfed the private sector, too. Even then the prevalence of corruption is showing a sign of fall due to increase in awareness against it.”

Rahman underscored the need for making the youth aware about the menace by forming ‘Satata Sangathan’ in educational institutions across the country. “If we can make the youth aware of graft and inspire them with the spirit of patriotism and sincerity, they’ll be able to play a pivotal role in building a corruption-free Bangladesh.”

Source: UNB Connect


  1. The ACC Chairman speaks well to divert people’s attention to the rampant corruption going on unabated and unhindered in the country. How much his version can make an impact on public perception is manifest when he gave clean chit on x-Minister of Communication. He urges people to be aware but what result this awareness may bring? Corrupt people, if belong to the power party or under their umbrella, can scowl at ACC and the Chairman utters his helplessness. In truth ACC Chairman must have to be a man with firm determination and strong personality. A spineless man even if is given freedom very often falters to fix what he should do at the time demands. We have very little hope of the current situation improving.

  2. Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) has never been an independent body and free from influence since its inception. Time and again people have witnessed its partisan and dirty role in functioning. The organization exists only by name as required as one of the dysfunctional bodies. Did this organization ever bring out any white paper of any of the corrupt ministers, MPs, political leaders, bureaucrats of any of the past governments of this nation? Nor did it ever dictate terms to submit wealth and property statements to the forgoing slot of people with complete independence, justice, neutrality, trust and fairness to uphold the name of ‘ACC’? It is a body of public mockery.


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