Conspiracy everywhere! Get off your high horse, BCB

The Daily Star  October 24, 2019

Conspiracy everywhere!

Get off your high horse, BCB

Indeed, the media’s is not always the first door one should knock for either expressing or seeking redress of one’s grievances. And we believe that the striking cricketers should have placed their demands to the right quarters, the BCB, before going public on the matter. By the same token, we feel the BCB boss has overreacted in his response to the cricketers’ decision to go on strike.

The BCB president’s comments was unexpected. One may disagree with the players’ action and with their position, but venting one’s spleen in public about our cricketers and branding their action conspiratorial is unfortunate.

Pray tell us, if there is conspiracy behind the players’ action, who are the conspirators? Is it Shakib or Tamim? When does one take such a drastic step like abstaining from work? Evidently, the board as a whole failed to apply its head in the matter and do their homework before talking to the press. If they had, they would have surely got the underlying message in the action of the players. Any organisation that is well administered, and where the head and not the heart guides its actions and reaction, would clearly see in such a step an unequivocal expression of no confidence in it.

The demands have not accreted in a month or six months. Over time those have grown in number. And if, as the BCB president says, he agrees with the demands, those being genuine, why were they not addressed sooner before things came to such a pass? We suggest the BCB look into the matter dispassionately and take measures to address them through mutual discussions. That is the only civil way to go about the matter.


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