Police to set up watch towers on highways to guard cattle laded trucks


As the Eid-ul-Azha is approaching closer and traders are taking the herd of cattle on the road by trucks from mainly from the northern districts to the capital, muggers have also become active to loot the traders alluring them into traps.
Police have also become active to realize toll from the traders in the highway as they are bringing cattle in trucks to the city.
On complaints Inspector General of Police (IGP) AKM Shahidul Hoque on Monday asked police not to intercept sacrificial animal-laden trucks without any specific information in the name of verifying necessary papers.
Meanwhile, cattle trader, who was among the 30 people who fell unconscious after eating breakfast at a restaurant in Rajshahi, on Monday. There is a growing suspension that muggers may have played the mischief to rob the traders of their cash. Meanwhile, people have been warned of keeping away from doping gangs, police sources said,
The dead man has been identified as Jaj Mia, 40, of Foilshakhali village from Narsingdi district. The cause of the death can be ascertained after an autopsy, Rajshahi Medical College Hospital sources said.
Some 30 cattle traders and truck drivers and helpers from different parts of the country went to the Rajshahi City Bypass Haat to buy cattle ahead of Eid festival. They fell unconscious after eating breakfast at a roadside eatery.
Medical sources said something was mixed with the food, which caused their illness.
The restaurant owner’s son Faisal Hossain and three other staff were arrested in this connection.
The IGP’s instruction on police came at the same time since traders are under treat from both police and muggers at the peak business time. Shahidul Haque has asked policemen not to stop cattle-laden trucks on roads without specific reasons.
He said vehicles cannot be stopped in the name of checking their documents. He also said 14 watch towers would be set up on the highways at critical points to keep watch on safe movement of trucks carrying sacrificial cattle.
The IGP made the instruction at press briefing at the police headquarters in the capita and said a monitoring cell has been set up to keep watch on policemen’s unfair activities.
His action came amid allegations that policemen are engaging in extortion of cattle traders and truckers on highways ahead of Eid.
However a functionary of Bangladesh Truck and Covered Van Owners Association said police had come up with similar directives in the past but unscrupulous policemen still extorted from traders and drivers. “Political activists under different banners also joined them, he said pointing to three way attacks on traders on this occasion. Around 40,000 trucks would be carrying cattle across the country, he said.
The IGP press briefing was an outcome of a meeting of police high-ups that primarily focused on security issues during Eid, said meeting sources.
Additional IGPs, all commissioners and DIGs of ranges, highways, railways and industrial police attended the meeting.
The sources said security of the government and private organisations was also discussed. If necessary, police might provide organizations with security during the Eid holidays. They also discussed issues regarding bloggers’ safety and curbing militancy.
IGP Shahidul said to stop smuggling of leather, they would prevent leather-laden truck from leave the capital after Eid. He did not say for how long they would stop those trucks.
On makeshift cattle markets in the capital, he said they had talks with city corporation officials about where those could be built without disrupting traffic on nearby streets and creating other problems.
He said the police were working to capture members of doping gangs. He urged people to be aware of such gangs while travelling as they take valuables of travellers by drugging them.
At least 14 watchtowers would be built to monitor vehicular movements on highways.
The IGP said police in the last couple of months seized 37,751 motorbikes that had not been registered. Of those, 11,036 were returned to their owners as they could produce valid documents for their bikes.

Source: New Age


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