Bangladesh to be middle income country by 2021: Global report


A new report launched by an independent global media communication agency has predicted that Bangladesh will become a middle-income country by 2021, on the country’s golden jubilee of independence.

“Located at the heart of a booming region, Bangladesh is ideally placed to maintain and improve economic growth and achieve middle-income country status by 2021″, read out the report published on Thursday. The report titled United World Bangladesh Report, 2015, was published on the leading newspaper of United State ‘USA Today’.

London-based United World is an independent international media communications agency has affiliation with the USA Today and another London-based renowned development content provider and economic reporter, Worldfolio.

The report mentioned economic development and the situation of business investments in Bangladesh and also highlighted the accomplishments of Bangladesh in heading towards a middle income country by 2021.

“Internationally Bangladesh has emerged onto the world stage with key contributions to the international community’s efforts for peace, stability and development’, the report said.

Bangladesh’s geostrategic importance, historical achievements in fields of international diplomacy and economy, human development, women empowerment and the success stories of the current government led by the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina were highlighted on the report.

The report said Bangladesh maintained a constant 6-plus percent GDP growth in the past 10 years amidst ‘an enviable situation in a time of global uncertainty’. It attributed the economic progress to the government’s strategy of focusing on structural reforms, increased revenue and regional competitiveness. Bangladesh is considered among the ‘Next 11’ superpowers in the global economy, said the report.

The report referred to the strengthened relationships of Bangladesh with some big economies including United States, China, India and Japan.

“Strengthening of ties with India indicative of successful approach to foreign relations,” the report said mentioning the cooperation between neighboring countries is the key to a bright future for connectivity and trade.

The current relation of US with Bangladesh is ‘broader, deeper, and stronger than ever’, said the report.

Bangladesh-China relations were also mentioned in the report saying that the cooperation between the two countries is at the ‘highest’ now, marking the 40th year of fruitful diplomatic relations.

Citing that Japan to provide Bangladesh with $6 billion over the next five years as part of the industrial growth initiative, the report said Prime Minister Shinzo Abe praised Bangladesh for its spectacular success in economic and social sectors and lauded Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s dynamic and visionary leadership.

Source: Ittefaq


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