Bangladesh Bijoy Utsab in Kolkata


Celebrated Runa Laila and a host of other leading artists are performing performing at the mega event in Kolkata beginning Dec 15 to mark the Victory Day.
Bangladesh Deputy High Commission is organizing the “Bangladesh Bijoy Utsob” commemorating the Liberation War and independence of Bangladesh.
With the support of the West Bengal government, the event is being be held at the Netaji Indoor Stadium in Kolkata until Dec 19. The programme will highlight Nazrul giti, Rabindra Sangeet, Baulgan, Lalan giti, Sufi, Bangla band and films will be screened as well. Runa Laila, Arian, Kusthia’s Lalan group, Krishnakali are some of the well-known artistes scheduled to perform.
Some signature products of Bangladesh, Dhakai jamdani, Rajsahi’s silk and ceramics have been put on display in connection with the festival . Food stalls will showcase kacchi biriyani, bhuna khichri and various pitha (cakes) items from Bangladesh.

Source: Weekly Holiday


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