Amnesty slates firebombing, enforced disappearances

Special Correspondent

The Amnesty International has condemned the frequent incidents of arson and firebombing of vehicles in Bangladesh during the BNP-led coalition’s ongoing agitation. “These are criminal acts for political purpose.
Whoever is doing these are criminals and have to be brought to justice,” said Amnesty’s South Asian affairs researcher Abbas Foiz.
Launching of Amnesty International’s annual report, he said: “We believe that these incidents of arson are instigated by some politicians. “We consider that to be really evil.”
Majority of those involved in incidents of arson appeared to be BNP supporters,’ said Foiz calling upon the party to exhort its supporters to refrain from such activities.
“If they (BNP) find one of their members engaged with arson, they should cooperate with the police for an impartial and independent investigation.”
Touching on the human rights scenario of Bangladesh, the Amnesty official said that incidents like ‘enforced disappearances’ came down during August-September last year. Arrests and trial of law enforcers over the Narayanganj multiple murders were a positive initiative to tackle the issue of ‘extra-judicial killings, ‘ said Foiz.
However, the rise of enforced disappearances amid the ongoing political tension is a matter of concern, Faiz added.
Amnesty International is not against the trials of crimes against humanity in 1971, but opposed to capital punishment, said Foiz.
“If you see statements and reports (of Amnesty), there are a lot of condemnation of death penalties in the United States, China, Iran, Saudi Arabia and also in Bangladesh…We cannot just ignore a human rights violation because some other people are also talking about that.”

Source: Weekly Holiday


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