Ajmat, or Mannan?


A win for Ajmat Ullah Khan in today’s balloting would consolidate further his record on polls performance.
A mayoral hopeful in Gazipur City Corporation polls, he had contested three consecutive elections to Tongi Municipality in 1995, 2000 and 2006 and was elected every time. Tongi is now a major part of the city corporation.
Also the general secretary of Gazipur district unit of Awami League, Ajmat is likely to get mileage out of AL’s popularity in the city. If he fails to win the mayoral race, it would be his first defeat in his political career.
He obtained his LLM from University of Dhaka. The 58-year-old lawyer-turned-politician was confident of winning the maiden city polls.
“I believe the election will be free and fair. People will vote for me giving scope to serve them,” Ajmat’s personal secretary Shajahan told The Daily Star as Ajmat saying to his supporters who called on him yesterday.
He has promised that if elected, he would form a City Development Coordination Committee comprised of different political, social and professional representatives to carry out development activities in the city.
The city, he noted, will be divided in three zones — industrial, residential and commercial.
He also vowed to take necessary initiatives to hike salaries of workers, arrange accommodation and ensure security for them. Steps will be taken to arrange jobs for the wards of workers after their retirement and death, he added.
Currently, Ajmat was facing no criminal case.
If MA Mannan wins the mayoral race in today’s polls, he will regain the status of a public representative after more than 20 years.
The 63-year-old businessman last won a public election when he was elected MP from a Gazipur constituency in 1991 parliamentary polls. But he lost in the following three parliamentary polls in 1996, 2001 and 2008.
This time around, the BNP-backed candidate was confident to win the battle of ballots by beating his rivals including Ajmat Ullah Khan backed by the ruling Awami League.
Also an advisor to BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia, Mannan completed his Masters of Science in applied chemistry from Dhaka University.
“I will win by a margin of tens of thousands of votes if the election is held in a free and fair manner,” Mannan told at a press conference at the office of Tongi Thana unit of BNP yesterday afternoon.
He, however, was skeptical about the fairness of the polls.
Before being elected as MP, Mannan became chairman of Kautalia Union Parishad in 1980s. He had contested the upazila parishad election in 1985, but failed to get elected.
His victory in 1991 polls, however, brought him fortune as he was inducted as a state minister in the then cabinet led-by Khaleda Zia.
Seeking people’s mandate in the mayoral balloting, Mannan promised to carry out massive development work in the city.
In his electoral manifesto, he vowed to develop the city’s different sectors including education, health and medical services, law and order, transportation and communication, drainage and wastage management, gas, water, and electricity.
Currently, he was facing two criminal cases.

Source: The Daily Star


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