World’s largest investment bankers keen to invest in Bangladesh

Hands of international businessman grasping money isolated on blue background vector
Hands of international businessman grasping money isolated on blue background vector

The ‘Big 4’ in investment banking – JP Morgan, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), Deutsche Bank and Suisse Bank – as well a few other banks, including an Italian bank, are keenly looking into the investment opportunities in Bangladesh

Buoyed by the economic success of Bangladesh, the world’s largest investment bankers are looking for investing in Bangladesh as a potentially lucrative investment destination, said international investment banking sources.

Of the “Big 4”, PwC’s audit wing has been operating in Bangladesh for a long time and JP Morgan’s security wing has entered the capital market.

The investment wings of both the organisations are planning to start operating soon. PwC has already upgraded its establishment by setting up a liaison office, while the others are operating through agents.

On average, there is at least one investment proposal from Bangladesh going to the investment banks every month. Upon finding the conditions satisfying, the banks will respond positively, perhaps by opening a liaison office or going ahead with their investment projects.

According to G4 sources, most of the proposals relate to infrastructure and banking where there are huge possibilities.

Bangladesh bankers are upbeat about the interest by the world’s largest invest companies but would prefer European banks because of their better compliance with the Basel Accords, a senior Bangladeshi banker said.

They are also hopeful that major financial areas like acquisition and mergers could greatly benefit from the global expertise in the short run. But other areas like management, technology and capital could largely benefit from their involvement.

Source: Dhaka Tribune


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