Was tortured, now going to hospital: Kishore

The Daily Star March 04, 2021

Star Digital Report

After walking out of Kashimpur Central Jail-2 in Gazipur, cartoonist Ahmed Kabir Kishore was on the way to a hospital and said, “I am not in a condition to go home.”

“I just got out of jail. I will go to the hospital with my elder brother. However, before going to the hospital, I will meet my lawyer Barrister Jyotirmoy Barua to consult with him,” Kishore told The Daily Star.

“After arrest, I was tortured. Still have pain in my left leg. It’s difficult to walk. There are scars. I was hit on the ear.  Still, there’s discharge from it. I’m facing hearing problems,” he said.

Asked whether he received any treatment in jail, Kishore said, “What can I say! I have diabetes. My sugar level has spiked without receiving any treatment in jail. I have become weak. I am in bad shape – mentally and physically.”

The Daily Star managed to talk to Kishore over the mobile phone of his elder brother writer Ahsan Kabir when they were going to a hospital for check-up, directly from Gazipur jail.


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