Walton now Dolby partner

New Age Desk |  Jun 14,2020

Country’s electronics giant Walton has been partnered with Dolby Laboratories as a ‘licensed manufacturer’ to produce sound quality televisions in Bangladesh.

As a Bangladeshi television manufacturing company, only Walton became the official partner of Dolby Laboratories, an American based leading global company specialising in audio noise reduction and audio encoding or compression. Dolby only allows its licensed manufacturers to use advanced sound technologies.

In January, a delegation, led by Walton Television’s chief executive officer Mostafa Nahid Hossain met with Dolby Laboratories’ senior director Vivian E Vassallo at the Dolby’s head office at San Francisco in California. Following this meeting, Walton became the licensed manufacturer of Dolby.

Dolby has already included Walton Hi-Tech Industries Limited in their ‘Licensed Dolby Manufacturer’ list on its own website at https://bit.ly/2zuVlSu.

Engineer Rakibul Hasan, Walton TV’s central lab manager, said that Walton has received permission from Dolby to use the MS12 package and Dolby AC-4 decoder.


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