Sonali Bank gets permission to sign deal with PayPal

Sonali Bank gets permission to sign deal with PayPal

The service will help people and businesses transfer funds, including transfer of remittances, electronically, without any hassle

State owned Sonali Bank has received permission from the Bangladesh Bank to proceed with the necessary procedures with PayPal to start its operation in Bangladesh.

The central bank’s Foreign Exchange Policy Department issued the order on Monday to make the global online payment system PayPal available here.

“We just received the permission. Now we will go forward with necessary procedures including signing of formal agreement with the PayPal, so that the service comes into operation soon,” Md Nawab Hossen, principal officer of Foreign Remittance Management Division of Sonali Bank told the Dhaka Tribune.

“Sonali Bank now will sign agreement with PayPal soon after opening a legal channel for transaction,” the bank official added.

“Once the agreement is signed, we will work for developing the software and its integration with PayPal. However, it may not take much time. Good news may come soon,” he said further.

The service will help people and businesses transfer funds, including transfer of remittances, electronically, without any hassle.

PayPal allows individuals and businesses to transfer funds electronically. As it is an online service, an individual first needs to open a PayPal account with a valid email address. The aspiring PayPal user would also need a valid credit card or a bank account linked with PayPal to avail its services.

Bangladesh has been facing difficulty in receiving remittance earned through outsourcing but the new contract with PayPal will make the remittance inflow easier and faster, said Nawab Hossen.

PayPal makes money by charging transaction fees mainly from business accounts, charging to a payment’s recipient. Although most transactions are free, merchants pay a fee for each transaction. However, it does not charge any fees to send money.

On July 15, 2015, Zunaid Ahmed Palak on a Facebook status said: “We had a very effective meeting with the vice-president of PayPal today in San Jose, California. We explained them in details about Bangladesh Government’s policies and regulatory reforms and business opportunities for PayPal.

“They have agreed to launch Xoom’s operations in Bangladesh within this quarter. They [PayPal] will also internally discuss on how they can prioritise and launch PayPal in Bangladesh and let us know if they need any further support from our government. We will continue our persuasion to bring PayPal in Bangladesh sooner than later.”

Source: Dhaka Tribune


  1. Being a citizen of Bangladesh I urge the Government to allow the migrants, ex-patriots and many skill and unskilled worker can send their money home or someone interested to invest in foreign land and transfer it through pay pall with proper documents PAY-PALL will bring a drastic change in earning more than double money than it is now. People are bound to use the ‘hundi’ (money exchange and delivery agencies)- a black market agency (which takes a for exchanging and sending money home. I can assure you if you want to set up a showroom or make it yr end home or whatever the black market electronic money charges at lease 60% more than PAY-Pall etc tools which almost all the countries availed except our Economy minister ABDUL-mal- Muhyt yet keeping Bangladesh Government from devoid of billions of BDT which is leaking out to some of the the BIG Giant corporations who often are not even Bangladeshi in nationality. WE have equipment to use to utilize e-commerce but weird that we yet do not allow the system without logical and fare debate.It is time Ms Hasina, the Honorable minister of Bangladesh that people are getting agitated or leaving their country for ever. This may well be a reason for brain drain in Bangladesh.

    • Its about time, we are hearing about online payment viz. paypal. Its 2017 and we are still in the stone age. We are blinded from shopping sites like waltmart, amazon, alibaba, ebay, bestbuy, homedepot, Newegg and so on. Because everyone prefers and deals with paypal. Except for alibaba uses alipay. We are stuck dealing with so called wire transfer and illegal or risky means of payments. Funny thing is, in 2009 my ex-boss told me that he wanted to start an online business in Dhaka. but at that time even banks didn’t introduced online banking. And talk about online payment. Like I said people can’t do business if we stay behind the technologies. American and European people are now using google wallet more often than they do paypal. Why? Because its faster and they are going with the flow of technology! And where are we going? Technology is a luxury we can’t afford, right? Wrong. It is our fault that we don’t go with the flow and we stay behind.

  2. I request to BD Govt. to bring paypal service as soon as possible.And we can parform through freelancing and get payment without any trable .As it more people who haven’t any job, they can get a chance to earn easily.

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