SASCOC suspends embattled Cricket South Africa board

The Daily Star  September 11, 2020
Reuters, Cape Town

The South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee (SASCOC) has suspended the board of Cricket South Africa (CSA) for a period of one month while it launches an investigation into its conduct, officials told Reuters on Thursday.

With the International Cricket Council (ICC) not upholding any types of outside interference, CSA could be banned from international cricket.

SASCOC acting chief executive Ravi Govender said the radical step is “to remove the negativity and governance issues around CSA, so that in future they can be more effective and efficient in their mandate”.

CSA has been plunged into crisis following a damning report on conduct within the organisation that led to the dismissal of chief executive Thabang Moroe in August, nine months after he was first suspended, but which the board says will not be made public.

“We are deeply concerned about the issues that have been permeating around CSA recently,” Govender said. “We met with the board and requested sight of the elusive forensic report, which has not been forthcoming.

The organisation has come under heavy criticism from sponsors over governance issues, while last week 30 leading players from the men’s and women’s national teams signed a scathing letter criticising the board for postponing CSA’s Annual General Meeting that had been scheduled for Sept. 5.

The International Cricket Council usually takes a dim view of outside intervention in the running of the game, but Govender believes SASCOC will have the backing of the global body in its attempt to stabilise the sport in the country.

“The ICC have also expressed some concerns (about the running of CSA) and we believe our decision is warranted, and that it will be embraced by the ICC,” he said.

“The decision we are taking is in line with constitutional provisions and the ICC respect the fact that we are the macro body.

“Obviously, when it comes to the outcomes reported by the task team, we will consult with the ICC.”

The ICC could not be reached for comment.


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