RAB has proof of own role in Narayanganj murders

It has found no proof that suggests involvement of anyone besides RAB and fugitive Ward-4 Councillor Nur Hossain, according to the sources.

But they believe finding Hossain, the prime accused, will clarify the matter further.

They have hinted that influential figures might also be involved but refused to reveal names for investigations’ sake.

RAB formed its own probe team on May 5 after it was accused of abducting and killing seven people including Councillor Nazrul Islam and senior lawyer Chandan Kumar Sarkar.

Meanwhile, RAB-11 Commander Lt Col Tarek Sayeed Mahmud, Maj Arif Hossain and Lt Commander MA Rana were forced to retire on May 7.

Sources say some contents in their call lists aroused the committee’s suspicion.

Sources confirmed that they had evidence of law enforcers being involved in the gruesome murders but did not enlarge.

“We have talked to several people including the personnel who drive RAB-11 vehicles,” Additional Director General Aftab Uddin Ahmed, heading RAB’s probe committee, told bdnews24.com. “We have also visited the crime site.”

“It is not the right time to tell reporters about our findings,” said ADG Ahmed.

The decomposing bodies of the six abducted men were found floating on Shitalakhya River at Bandar Upazila on Apr 30 and that of another the next day after they were all abducted from the city’s court premises reportedly by men in RAB uniform on Apr 27.

Their autopsy reports suggest they were killed right after they were taken.

All the victims have been strangled to death after being knocked unconscious with blows to the head, said the physicians who autopsied the bodies.

They also ruled that their killers are ‘professional, trained and skilled’.

Nazrul Islam’s father-in-law Shahidul Islam, after the discovery of the bodies, pointed the finger at RAB-11.

He said it was the law enforcers that took large amount of money from Nur Hossain to kill Nazrul along with his aides.

“We are trying to arrest Nur Hossain,” said RAB Additional Director General Ziaul Ahsan when asked about the probe.

“Those behind the murders will not be let go even if they are members of RAB.”

RAB had nothing that suggested that Nur Hossain was still in the country, he said.

Source: Bd news24


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