Public servants can’t talk to media without approval of authorities: ministry

The Daily Star  August 24, 2020
Star Online Report

Public administration ministry has asked all secretaries to give necessary instructions to their subordinates so that no public servant talks to or writes in media without approval of the authorities concerned.

The ministry on August 18 sent a letter to all senior secretaries and secretaries in this regard, citing section 22 of the Government Servant (Conduct) Rules, 1979.

Shaikh Yusuf Harun, secretary to the public administration ministry, confirmed about the letter to The Daily Star.

In the letter, the ministry said some public servants, violating section 22 of the rules, are taking part in talk shows, discussions and news on different media including Betar, Bangladesh Television, private TV channels and giving comments or opinions and writing articles or letters in newspapers and online portals without taking approval from their department chiefs or going beyond his or her jurisdiction.

On many occasions, they are giving comments or opinions over government’s policy decisions, the letter mentioned.

Contacted, Shaikh Yusuf Harun said, “Yes, we have sent the letter. Is there any problem with reminding our officials of the matter?”

Asked what has happened that prompted the reminder now, he said, “Some [public servants] are talking to media, but they are not supposed to. That’s why we have sent the letter.”


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