Prep school fires cleaner for sexual assault

Photo: Sajid Hossain

Mohammadpur Preparatory School and College authorities have decided to fire cleaner Y Gopal for alleged sexual harassment of a class I student.
Vice-principal (English version) Zinnatun Nesa has also been relieved of her responsibilities for ‘immodest behaviour’ with the guardians over the incident.
The authorities have decided to take legal action against Gopal and also condemned the reactions of guardians and outsiders.
The decisions were taken at a trustee board meeting on Monday afternoon.
The decisions have been posted as a notice on the gate of Mohammadpur Preparatory School and College.
The notice claimed that the school authorities did not hesitate or delay in taking action against the people who are involved in the incident. Rather, it said, proper measures were taken by forming a probe body.
According to the probe body’s recommendation, the authorities will increase security measures by installing 12 closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras on campus, separating male employees from the girls’ section, holding regular meetings between guardians and teachers, and recruiting more security personnel for the campus.
A group of guardians demonstrated in front of the school on Saturday (16 May), protesting the harassment of a class I student on 5 May.

Source: Prothom Alo


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