PM surprises flight passengers

Photo: PID

She greeted them, took the children on her lap, and posed for photos at Biman’s ‘Ranga Prabhat’ on Wednesday evening.

The prime minister was in London to take part in the maiden Girl Summit and hold bilateral talks with her British counterpart, David Cameron.

Besides Hasina’s 56-strong entourage, the plane had 320 passengers travelling to Dhaka and Sylhet.

The Awami League chief strolled out of business class soon after the plane took off from Heathrow Airport at 6pm Wednesday.

Special Assistant Mahbubul Hoque Shakil and a few of her security and personal staff were with her.

The passengers cheered on seeing Hasina in the plane’s aisle and most took out their phone cameras.

Soon, two children approached Hasina and handed a mobile phone to her security staff, asking him to take their photo, and the prime minister happily obliged.

She moved up the aisle, covering the entire Boeing 777 from front to back. She greeted the passengers, embraced the women and cuddled the children.

“I’m seeing Sheikh Hasina from this close for the first time in my life. She mixed with everyone so easily. She reminds me of my mother,” someone was heard as saying.

Source: Bd news24


  1. I am surprised too! I am surprised because the passengers even greeted a blood sucker who is holding on to power by tricks to cause more misery to the people of Bangladesh. People should ignore her and only think of finding ways to throw her out of power.

  2. If you ever look at her facial picture, specially her eyes, you’ll see a sign of viciousness, like a cold blooded snake. A look that gives the impression that she is never satisfied.

  3. She is a damn bloody hypocrite, cunning and knows all the tricks on how to persuade our uncouth people. People’s misery will continue if she hangs on to power.


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