PM calls for support for people with disability

“There are a lot of rich people in this country. I want them to help develop the talent among the otherwise capable,” she said.

The prime minister was meeting the Bangladesh team which won the ‘Physically Challenged T-20 Cricket Tournament’ in India at her office on Wednesday.

Hasina announced a one-time grant for the development of sports for the differently able and talked about her future plans to help them.

“Every person has an inherent talent. We have to support their development. In sports, the otherwise able people have performed amazingly,” she said.

“I think encouraging the otherwise capable in cultural activities and sports is very important. The state-owned private banks have been instructed to spend a portion of their profit for the welfare of society,” she added.

“I’ll create a Tk 10 million fixed deposit for your organisation. This will give you around Tk 100,000 per month, enough for your small expenses,” she said.

She instructed that a team be sent to the Asian Physically Challenged Cricket Championship and promised all necessary support for this.

Hasina awarded Tk 100,000 to all the members of the victorious team.

She also ordered a tripartite cricket tournament in Dhaka for the otherwise able.

Source: Bd news24


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